Mental Health Tracker

2nd Place | Vitality Track
MindfulU is a project that was conceptualized and prototyped during the 2023 DubHacks Hackathon with the goal of helping students better manage the stress and challenges of university life. Drawing inspiration from existing apps like Headspace and Habit Trackers, the team embarked on a journey to create a user-centric mental health application.
Ethan Dith, Designer
Leonille Matunan, Developer
Project Duration
18 Hours, Oct 2023
2nd Place @ Dubhacks 2023
The Problem

There is a lack of resources to help students

  • Aim to address the challenges of university life and help students better manage their stress and mental health.
  • Students are often overwhelmed with the amount of work they have to do and often forget to take care of their mental health.
The Solution

Goals & Objectives

  • Develop an App that would help students track and provide activities for their mental health and well-being.
  • Provide students with resources and activities to help them with their mental health.

Creating an easy to use design

By analyzing the offerings of other competitors in the market, we identified the essential features and functionalities necessary to develop an app that distinguishes itself from the competition.


Testing + Improvements

Reworking the initial design

Upon reviewing the wireframes, we identified additional features that needed to be incorporated, including the introduction of onboarding screens for new users, the integration of reflection components, and the implementation of monthly and weekly tracking functionalities.
Final Designs // Onboarding
Allowing users to personalize their data.
Users are allowed to register and login to their accounts, then have the ability to personalize their saved data.
Final Designs // Main Screens
Track and review users personalized data.
Users are able to change and review their personalized data, edit their mood, learn self care tips, and create personalized goals.

Final Screens

Conclusion + Lessons

What I would do differently next time...

  • Thorough Ideation - If I had more time I would do more ideation before settling with our final design concept.
  • Usability Testing - Being able to test the design with stakeholders early on could help with functionality issues and design flaws.
  • Iterations - Given additional time, I would have been able to go through multiple rounds of refining the design and features, making the project even better.
Here are the things I've learned:
  • Time Management - You have to make choices on which activities to prioritize to effectively finish the project.
  • Problem Solving -Working under tight deadlines has helped with my ability to overcome challenges efficiently within limited timeframes.
  • Collaborative Skills - This experience has improved my ability to work effectively in a cross functional team, enhancing my collaborative skills.
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