Dear Digital Equity is a project designed by the IMD Student's at the University of Washington Bothell for the purpose of spreading awareness of the digital equity space in Washington State.







Project Duration

10 Weeks
The Problem

What is Digital Equity?

Digital equity refers to the idea that everyone should have equal access to and the ability to use digital technologies, including the internet, computers, and other digital devices. This includes having access to reliable and high-quality internet connectivity, the necessary hardware and software, and the skills and knowledge needed to use these technologies effectively.

Washington faces a digital equity problem.

Digital Equity is significant in today’s society, there are currently few resources available to practitioners working in this field to connect and work together. By bringing these practitioners together, we can more effectively address the challenges and issues facing digital equity.

Under the supervision of our professors our goal was to improve this issue and inform other individuals of what is being done to help digital equity in Washington State.
The Solution

Goals & Objectives

  • Creating a space where practitioners can learn more about each other.

  • Relating digital equity to design through media content deliverables.
  • Spread awareness of what is being done to help digital equity in Washington State.

The class was broken up into 5 different groups based off our interests

After breaking up into groups, each group was assigned different tasks for this project. I joined the Website team which was a part of populating the website, choosing a website platform (SquareSpace) and designing the website. There was also the There was also the Branding, Content, Social Media, and Storytelling Teams which had their own respective tasks.

Each student was also tasked in creating content deliverables, where we would create a media deliverable about digital equity in Washington State and Interview practitioners showcasing their work on the website.

Our Process


Creating a simple but effective design

I wanted to design something that was simple and easy to navigate. A design that would be modern yet effective to showcase our content. We then worked as a group to figure out a singular design.


Testing + Improvements

Reworking the design

Within the website and content team we came together and talked about how the final website should look like. We chose the colors and fonts we were going to use. We then worked with the branding team in order to select a logo for our project.

Using our old design we came up with a design that was effective in showcasing our content. After polishing our design we finally implemented our final designs and uploaded all our deliverables.

Final Product

Style Guide


Conclusion + Lessons

What I would do differently next time...

This project was my first team based project that I've ever done, which required me to collaborate with a team of over twenty people. Overall I found the process to be enjoyable, being able to collaborate with practitioners around Washington State in order to create content displaying what is being done in helping the digital divide.

Here are the things I've learned:
  1. More Iterating - We didn't spend a lot of time iterating because we were limited to the 10 weeks of the quarter. I think iterating our content would have helped flush out some mistakes.
  2. Design Process - The design process is one the design practices we learned. Using the British Design Council's double diamond diagram throughout our project.

Content Deliverables

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Dear Digital Equity